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Advance Cdma Team combo update at 15-04-14 world first again.

ZTE CDMATOOL By Advance cdma team. Version Released 15-04-14

+ Added ZTE M131 MTS (Oct 19 2013 MTS.M131.B01) With NEWBOOT safe super fast 1 click unlock.(World 1st)
+ Added ZTE S183 Russian (Dec 10 2013 DALACOM_S183_RNTL42FV1.0.0B03) safe super fast 1 click unlock.(World 1st NEW SECURITY.)
+ Improved overall zte routine of unlocking to match any in future NEWBOOT device.
+ Improved Flasher support.

CGSMTool By Advance cdma team. Version Released 15-04-14

+ Added Type 2 Allwinner tablets imei repair base. (World 1st)
+ Added Samsung cdma device SPC/MSL/AKEY Read & Write Support 4.3 and new. credit base. (World 1st)
+ Added ADBUSB scan to check any usb android device if connected via scan port will give name,vid,pid.
+ Added Repair-Blinking for android device easy format if ADB IS ON and ROOTED. credit base.
+ Added Support for full Details info read with Android Readinfo button.
+ Added ModemBackupSAM script at \Advance cdma\ADB_SERVICE\ for reading original backup send us to make flashable tar.
+ Added SecurityBackupSAM script at \Advance cdma\ADB_SERVICE\ for reading original backup send us to make flashable tar.
+ Improved ADB_UNLOCK for samsung older devices.
+ Improved Reg_UNLOCK for older supported firmware now work fast.still no new modem support yet, don’t worry.
+ Improved Support of reading original imei of allwinner tablets.
+ Improved NOADB GTALK for samsung devices for new os and old os.
+ Improved Samsung uart format file phone.

Use Settings > go to support real automatic support to download latest version.
Old version may stop working soon or already stopped use latest only advised.

for credit chat check here.

Best Regards
Advance Cdma Team

new combo setup19 released at 25-10-12


What’s New?
+ Fixed haier 2030 unlock bug for very rare firmware.
+ Fixed micro max new cpu preparing..


+ Added boot mode unlocking for all c3303 versions with date.
+ Improved port handling and buffer system. in sort now unlocking will be more faster 20% then before for some models only..


What’s New?

+ Added S185 TATA Sep 13 2011 version 1 click unlock support.
+ Added S165 REL Jul 19 2012 version 1 click unlock support.


What’s New?

+ fixed cs on mts phones unlocking.

GSM TOOL Released.
What’s New?+ Added v9c unlocking 1 click with backup security area.
+ Added v9c imei + wifi address repair for combo clients. exclusive world first.

+ Added iPhone imei checker temporary service released.
+ Added samsung gsm read info and format file system all androids & windows & bada platform. exclusive world first.
+ Added huawei modem read info lock status and unlocking via code send. calculate will be online in next update.
simple connect to server option release for gsm tool in setting tab you must press “Connect to SVR” to do anything on application..

If you find any bug please report it
in mygsmindia forum.



Download new version full setup v19 and install it don’t forget to uninstall old first.. 


Best Regards
Advance Cdma Team

ADVANCE CDMA TEAM NEW RELASE AT 20-04-12 World first as always

MULTI-CDMA TOOL                                                                                                                                20-04-12

What’s New?

+ Improved haier unlocking support..
+ Fixed sxc1080 Unlocking support.
+ Improved com port buffer system ..
+ Fixed all bug which been reported till date.

ZTE CDMA TOOL                                                                                           20-04-12

What’s New?

+ Added ZTE S165 MTS March 02 & March 14 Unlock support .. World first.

+ Improved step2 which make slow whole process now all is fixed finally.

flashing zte qsc1100 will come shortly stay tuned..

LG CDMA TOOL                                                                                            20-04-12

What’s New?

+ Added super fast blink repair for RD3XXX ,RD6100,LG6400 etc you can use usb from now.    World first.
using usb is simple press 5 + insert usb do scan port select diag port and press blink repair.

+ Added support to verify model before blinking repair start.. This will fix any trash read starting blinking repair.

+ Added SMART SCR folder search algo so from now just click on write scr if folder exist of ur version it will be write on phone.   World first.
You can update EFSSCR.cfg if you have your phone need version scr ..
Please make sure you extracted latest SCR_FOLDER.rar from support.
If connected phone version folder not found software will ask for which folder to write location ..

+ Improved com port buffer system to make faster all job. including scr write is now just 1min to write full scr.

+ Fixed gui bug which make strange height on starting.

If you find any bug please report it to official forum.


Download new version full setup v18 and install it don’t forget to uninstall old first..

Combo lite again world first.

MULTI-CDMA TOOL   20-12-11

What’s New?

+ Added ALCATEL OT255C all version including latest.  World first again
+ Improved haier unlocking.
+ Fixed cmd terminal reply bug.

ZTE CDMA TOOL      20-12-11

What’s New?

+ Added S185 MT03 version 1 click unlock  support.. World first again. Only tool in market unlock this phone..
+ Improved step2 error for QSC1100 zte for slow pcs.

Best Regards
Advance cdma Team

Combo Support Forums

Hello to all users.

please use this forums for support only..


we no longer support at gsmhosting.

thank you for your support and trust from last 3 year.

Best Regards

Advance Cdma Team

Multi-cdma tool

What’s New?

+ Improved full 100% working and 100% real support for new SAMSUNG CDMA flashing
slow phones like B139 & S379 etc will be auto managed, in case of other problems please report to us.
+100% tested repair MTS S189 BY FLASHING (GoodBye Risky JTAG) Now just 1 click flash
+Added C250 modem Aug 23 2010 firmware 1 click unlock support.
+Added “SPC=”,”QCAT=” command in command terminal.
+Added SXC-1080 MODEM DT08 both date DT09 DT15 (all possible version found )1 click unlock support.
+Improved slow phone tick (auto!)when flashing SAMSUNG CDMA phones
+Improved SCH-B379 unlock support
+Improved other rebuild method
+Improved other com port buffer system
+Improved log save for some models
+Improved GUI Please report if you want suggest better GUI
+Improved & updated to support till today for all models INTERFACE and CABLE Helper. It will work only when mouse is pointed there.
– Removed server check on NV read and backup read. NV Write is not enabled yet.

——Quick Summary——
Samsung Flasher Upgraded
Slow Speed Flashing Adjusted like AutoPilot!
MTS 1 Click Flashing for MTS S189
Modem Unlocking Added C250 SXC-1080
Rebuild, COMPort Buffer, GUI, Command Terminal & Cable Helper Improved

To download latest version, Open any of Combo Unlocker Exe (software)and go to Setting > GO TO SUPPORT >
Download new version from “UPDATES” COMBO_Update_MultiCdma_V1.58.rar

That’s it for

How to create request key for Advance cdma combo light?

How to start,make request key for Advance cdma combo light?

Download HID Tools from HERE

Extract with winrar or winzip or 7zip to a folder.

Fill name and other details.

Please mentions all details correct including price you pay to reseller emali phone number this will help you in future.

Press save to file.

Near hidtool you see yourname_xxxxxx.gc file is created its your Request key.

Send to your reseller and get license zip file.

License zip file is your keys it have everything what you need. support login,setup,access to your advance cdma combo light etc.

Please do not use MULTIPLE HDD when using HIDTOOL.if you want to use it for life time no problem software is design to allow 3 hardware update automatic.